I don’t consider bread hard to make. But then again, I have made bread so many times that it’s almost second nature to me!! When I temporarily moved to Cochrane though, I got very frustrated that my trusted bread recipe just didn’t work. I remembered Tammy, over at Tammy’s Recipes, blogging about her bread struggles too, once she moved to a different area. I guess altitude and such really does matter! So, if you’ve tried bread before and were disappointed that it didn’t work out, don’t despair! It may just need tweaking, or need an altogether different recipe for your area! Find someone nearby who makes good bread and ask for their recipe, or try various recipes until you find one that works. Back to my story…. I was disgusted that I could no longer make bread, until I went back to Tammy’s post and decided to try her bread recipe. Guess what! It works GREAT here in Cochrane! Once I move back home, I’ll need to try it and see how it compares to my other recipe that worked great there before. It’ll be interesting to see!! So, if my other bread recipe doesn’t work for you, head over to Tammy’s and try her yummy wheat bread. (Scroll down to find instructions on making it 100% wheat).

The only difference in my bread is that I use lemon juice instead of orange juice/citric acid, and use regular sugar instead of brown sugar and honey. I also don’t use any milk, and only wheat flour.

This bread also works well with spelt flour! When I use spelt flour, I omit the gluten flour.

Here, her husband talks about dough conditioners, which really helps keep wheat breads more moist. A worthy read, if you’re interested in whole wheat bread! My experience is that if you substitute some white flour for some of the wheat, you can skip the conditioners.