We love smoothies around here. They are one of our favourite dessert. So versatile, so healthy, and a great way to get extra fruits in our diet. 🙂  Korban thinks it’s ice cream, and that’s fine by me!!!

Our smoothie “basics” is bananas. It just doesn’t taste the same without it. It adds a nice sweetness and smoothness to the smoothie. After that, we add whatever we feel like or have in the freezer. We mostly use frozen fruits, since that is what makes it nice and thick. In the above picture, you can see we used 2 bananas, some strawberries, blueberries, then raspberries. You need a little bit of liquid, so you can use milk or juice. We like it with milk, but using juice (i.e. apple) makes it a bit sweeter. We don’t add any sugar, but you most definitely can if you want!

Blend until smooth, pour in a cup and enjoy! We usually make ours thick enough that we need to eat it with a spoon. So delicious!