I’ve been a bit silent on here recently, but that’s because we’re moving in 4 days! Trying to pack with a 4-mth old and a 3-yr old is a little slow. It’ll get done, somehow, and before we know it we’ll be back home! We had temporarily moved for what ended up being 5.5 months, over the time of my second son’s birth, and now it is time to head back to our house, and to our friends there. It is a bittersweet move since I will once again be leaving my family behind (Grandpa, Mom, Dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, and 3 nieces!), and moving 17hrs away, yet I will be able to be really settled again. We’ve sort of been “camping” these few months, living in someone’ else’s house (just us, but their belongings are all in here). It’ll be nice to be back in our own house. A bigger house. With my own big kitchen. My own comfy bed. My dishwasher! My friends.

Over the next few days, there will be a couple guest posts coming up. So be watching! 🙂  I have many more ideas for this blog once I’m settled again, and am looking forward to it! Some guests posts, blog hops, many more recipes to post and try, etc. I’m looking forward to it!