We made it back home! It was a long trip, being on the road for 18hrs this past Monday. Korban (3 yrs old) did amazing, whereas Jedidiah (4 mths old) has yet to learn how to travel well. He fought sleep a lot, which was exhausting for us all. It was so good to walk back into our own house after 5 months! We enjoyed our time away, but there certainly is no place like home. 🙂


The above picture is Korban laying down in the grass on our front lawn. Our renters somehow forgot to cut the lawn since winter! Yes, it’s almost a jungle out there!!! We’re working on it: whipper-snipping, racking, mowing, etc. I should say, my husband is working on it, while I’m trying to get things organized inside the house. Most of our things are coming on the week-end, so this gives me a chance to get the stuff left in the house back in order, and put away the things we did bring with us right away. Gives me a chance to rest up too, I didn’t realize how exhausted I am from the last week of packing and moving.


It’s good to be home! 🙂