I was cleaning the kitchen the other day, and realized that I just had to share how useful an old toothbrush can be in the kitchen. 🙂  Originally, it was my husband’s idea to use a toothbrush, and it has been helpful ever since! So, in case you never thought of it, how about “recycling” your old toothbrush in the kitchen?

My faucet has little cracks where various pieces of it meet up. These get dirty and are hard to clean. Except when using a toothbrush! It makes it a breeze to clean up quickly! Definitely a time saver.

It’s also very useful in cleaning various kitchen gadgets. Pictured above is my Bosch mixer (used to knead bread, mix up cookies and cakes, etc). My husband hates cleaning it because of all the cracks in it. I agree that all those little slots are a pain, but the machine is so handy and wonderful that it’s worth the bother of cleaning it! Especially since Josiah brought a toothbrush into the kitchen. It makes it a 1000% easier to clean! The bristles get into all those little cracks and easily sweep away the dough and batters. Just. Like. That. It’s genius!

There are many uses for an old toothbrush in the kitchen, and those are two of the main ways I use mine.

By the way, right after taking these pictures, Josiah got me a new faucet! the other one was leaking unless it was closed just right. Isn’t it a pretty new faucet (on a great sale)?!

Do you use a toothbrush in the kitchen? If not, how to you keep those hard-to-clean places?

Shared at Kitchen Tip Tuesday, and Homemaker by Choice!