Yesterday I shared two good articles, today I want to share a few free recipe ebooks I’ve come across!

Just Get ‘Em Fed, Simple Whole Food Meals for your Family, by the Morris Tribe! I really enjoyed this ebook. She starts off with her journey towards healthy and frugal cooking. She started by taking it to an extreme, then, as her family grew, she had to merge frugality with just getting them fed (she has 9 kids!). She then shares several recipes, which are all basic and quickly made. All with ingredients I usually keep on hand! Isn’t that what every busy Mom looks for?! 🙂

dinneRevolution, by chef Jeff. He describes the book as a “Healthy and modern recipes made simply with 10 ingredients and less in under 30 minutes.” While I find that he uses a lot of ingredients I don’t keep on hand (so I’m not likely to make the recipes), he has some recipes that sound great, and some of you may appreciate them!

Quick and Easy Dinners, by Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Here’s another down-to-earth, simple, but yummy and filling recipes by a Mom! Yum.