I love cookbooks! They are so fun to browse! Each of them have a story, each of them can keep me occupied for a long time as I browse through! πŸ™‚ Β Here’s my stash of cookbooks (and yes, I confess to organizing this cupboard before taking the picture!!):


This wooden box is my treasure from this past summer. An elderly man from our church moved away, and I inherited his late wife’s box of recipes. Oh, the joy of going through all of those hand-written recipes, collected over years and years! That picture is so beautiful to me, I should frame it and hang it up in my kitchen. πŸ˜‰

My most recent treasure is the cookbook below. It’s made by my cousin Jacinthe, and is a compilation of family recipes. Oooooh! I just got it yesterday and can’t wait to start getting busy in the kitchen, with these delightful recipes from my relatives in Quebec!

There’s also this pretty red binder that a friend of mine made, with recipes from her years as a Mom and homeschooling mother. She made it as a wedding gift, and it has been used often! One of the best wedding gifts ever, I’d say!

These cookbooks, from Jean Pare, also have a story to tell! They’ve gone through our house fire, you see. I was 16, and when I got married, my Mom let me have these (she had bought new ones). They look horrible, but they have their own beauty to me. They have a story to tell. They are from our pre-fire home, a possession that wasn’t totally destroyed.

Last but not least, is my trusted old recipe box, that I started when I was maybe 15 years old! Alphabetical, it holds all the recipes that I’ve accumulated over the years.


I love cookbooks! There’s something exciting about pulling out cookbooks from the cupboard and browsing them for new recipes!

How about you? Do you collect cookbooks? Do they have a story to tell? πŸ™‚