When cheese comes on a really good sale, I love to buy a lot, grate it, and freeze it to last until the next good sale. The problem is that grated cheese often clumps together into one big chunk which is very hard to use later on!

A few years ago, a friend at church told me that she coats her grated cheese with flour so it doesn’t form a chunk! It works really well, and we’ve done it ever since!

Here are the simple steps:

1. Grate the cheese
2. Place it in a large ziploc bag
3. Generously sprinkle flour on top
4. Close the bag with air still inside
5. Shake to distribute flour all over the cheese
6. Take air out of bag and freeze

You may find it helpful to not overfill the bag, so the flour distributes easily.

Bonus tip: once cheese is frozen, you can combine 2 bags of grated cheese into one. It will freeze a lot easier if your bags are only half full.


Shared at Tammy’s Kitchen Tip Tuesday!