I buy good quality Ziploc bags, then I was and reuse them many times before disposing of them (when they get a hole). It has saved me much over the years!

The problem is in finding ways to dry them! If I just have one or two to wash, it’s not hard to hang it over a flower vase by the sink. But when I do bake sales, I end up with a LOT of bags to dry at all once.

That problem triggered the solution of hanging them up like laundry! πŸ˜‰ Β My husband installed some ropes below a shelf in my laundry room so I could hang dry laundry. I have found them just as useful in hanging Ziploc bags, with a clothespin!

When you hang your bags, make sure to puff the inside so they air can dry them.

Is there a place in your house where you can install a mini clothes line? It’s perfect for drying out those Ziploc bags!

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