I have the privilege reviewing the book Money Saving Mom’s Budget, written by Crystal Paine, from Money Saving Mom. Crystal is a friend of many of my friends, and I’ve known of her for a long time. In fact, I remember all the hype around her wedding years ago, within my friends’ online circle. 😉

I’ve really enjoyed reading her blog, gaining tips for frugal living, as well as reading inspiring stories of others who reach far-fetched goals through hard work, dedication, and living frugally. It’s inspired me! My husband has been a student ever since we’ve been married, working on his Master’s in Theology. He’ll be graduating this Spring, debt-free!!! It took a lot of sacrifice and hard work to do this. We had student loans along the way, but we were able to pay them off this past December.

I was very curious to read Crystal’s book and see how applicable it may be for me as an already frugal person, and for me as a Canadian. I got the book last week, and finished reading it this week. 🙂

Chapter 1-3
I love, love, love the first three chapters: on setting goals, stream-lining your life, and de-cluttering (as well as ways to make extra money while doing so). I started seeing all sorts of quotes to share in this review, but got too many! haha  Great chapters!

Chapter 4
Here is a challenge for going plastic-free, as in, putting all debit and credit cards aside. Crystal talks about the huge advantages that this hard step can bring. While we personally use credit cards a lot, it means having to have a lot of self-control! Whether you choose to set aside your debit/credit cards or not, this chapter will be helpful in making you ponder how you use your cards.

Chapter 5-6
These two chapters are specifically related to coupons. Those chapters are not quite as relevant for us Canadians. I have found some coupons to use over the years, although nowhere near as much as seems to be available in the USA. Still, I’m able to save some money with coupons for diapers, toilet paper, and other random things. Here are 3 sites for us Canadians, where we can order some coupons:


P&G brandSaver.ca


Chapter 7
Here, Crystal outlines 25 ways to lower your grocery budget. She has great pointers, and most of which I use! Great job, Crystal! Our grocery budget is a significant place to start when desiring to lower our overall spending.

Chapter 8
This is an important chapter on how to still HAVE FUN without spending lots of money. Media and advertising has trained us to believe that it takes money to have fun. Not so! Be revolutionary and start having a lot of fun, building great memories, without breaking your budget!!

Chapter 9
I love this last chapter. Embrace today! Thanks Crystal, for your challenge to be content. Not only to be content, but to bloom and thrive with where we are!

My review:
Do I recommend this book? Yes! Lots of great ideas, good reminders, new tips, and a positive outlook on living on a budget. I think it’s a great read for anyone, wherever you are in your finances.

It gave me renewed energy, desire, and vision to continue in this life of living within our means, saving for the future, and saving to be able to be generous.

If you think Crystal wrote this book to make money, think again! Here’s a quote from her website“You know what I’m most thrilled about in publishing this book? That all of my profits are going to Compassion International–an organization that helps to feed and clothe needy children around the globe.” Wow! Amazing! I love Compassion, and am thrilled with her generosity towards them!


Disclaimer: the links to the book are my affiliate links. This review is in no way sponsored. The book was sent to me free of charge, but the opinions are my own!