Last week, I posted about how I dry my ziploc bags, especially when I have several to dry. My friend Julie commented that she simply sticks hers to the wall. My reaction may be similar to yours: WHAT?! I have never heard of that! Does it really work?

So when I was washing a few ziploc bags later that week, I tried it. Guess what? IT WORKS! The ziploc bag is wet from being washed, and it sticks right to the wall! I put my hand in the bag to put the outer layer against the wall. When I take my hand out, it leaves the bag open so the water can just drip out! The bags dried way faster than when I hang them upside down on a flower vase. It was awesome!

If you have a wall above your kitchen sink, or are only drying a bag or two, this is a great way! πŸ™‚

Warning: I didn’t think about the writing on the Ziploc bag and the white stayed on the wall. It washed right off without any problem, but now I make sure to have the writing facing out.

Shared at Kitchen Tip Tuesday! Thanks, Tammy!