I love baked potatoes. Well, let’s change that sentence. I love potatoes, period. In every shape and form! So, of course I love baked potatoes! 😀

I especially love baked potatoes when I make them in the crock-pot! It’s so easy. 🙂

Simply wash your potatoes, and place them in the center of your crock-pot. If you’re doing this in the  morning, put your crock-pot on the low setting, or if it’s after lunch before you get around to it, place it on high. It only takes a couple hours on high. If you leave them in too long, the end against the crock-pot will get tough, but that’s no big deal. It’s easy to cut it off, or just eat as is! 🙂

I love making my baked potatoes in one crock-pot, and my chili or main dish in another! Super easy meal, yet wholesome, homemade, and yummy. 🙂


Shared at Kitchen Tip Tuesday!