This month, for Secret Recipe Club, I was assigned to Baking Bad. (The owner of the blog is currently experiencing some technical issues. As a result, the links to her blog in this post are currently suspended. I was unable to get the recipe transfered to here, for now. This should be resolved in a few days, when the issues are fixed. I apologize!)

Since I was doing a one-week very-limited flour and sugar diet, I decided to try the iced coffee recipe. Well, it takes quite a bit of sugar to make iced coffee, but that’s ok! 😉  It was very easy to make, and will be a recipe I will use this summer in the hot days for sure! With enough sugar, and rich milk/cream, you can’t go wrong! 🙂

With Spring upon us, I hope many of you can enjoy this iced coffee recipe! Reminds me of my Coffee Popsicles, just in a liquid version, yum!