Did you grow up on pizza pockets for your school lunches? Well, I didn’t. But my husband did! And they bring back warm memories for him! I recently had the “privilege” of tasting a store-bought pizza pockets. I felt like I was just eating dough! So little filling inside, and lots of thick white dough. Not what I want to be feeding my children. 🙂

Did you know how easy to it to make pizza pockets at home? It’s a fun project to involve your children with! Once the pizza pockets are cooked, you can easily freeze them to microwave later for a quick lunch.

Start off by making pizza dough. Once it has risen once, roll it out. Use a bowl to cut circles the size you want your pizza pockets to be. Put a bit of pizza sauce and your toppings in the middle of each circle of dough.

Fold them over (stretch the dough, if needed) and press the seams firmly. Make sure these are firmly pinched so that your toppings don’t leak out while it cooks. 🙂

Let rise 15-20 minutes, then bake at 375 until dough is nice and brown. I forgot to time this! I would think about 20 minutes?

Yum! Healthy, homemade pizza pockets! My son loved eating these dipping in pizza sauce. 🙂