This is a great recipe! (Well, no specific amounts… but a yummy general idea!) You can bake it in the oven, or on the BBQ!  It’s individually packaged, which is great for having company over. 🙂 Makes for tender chicken, and yummy supper!

BBQ-baked Chicken Packets

Boneless chicken breasts
Seasoning (options: salt, pepper, garlic plus, seasoning salt, etc)

Place boneless chicken breasts on top of 12″ square aluminium foil papers. Sprinkle with seasoning. Top with onions, mushrooms, and carrots. Wrap each packet tightly.

Bake on medium heat on the BBQ for 30-45 minutes, until juice coming out of chicken is no longer pink. (Or bake in the oven at 400F for 30-45 minutes.)