Today, we have a guest post! This recipe was submitted by Kaillie Fagan. I made this the other day for my family, and it was a nice change to the typical toast/eggs breakfast. 🙂  Easy to eat too!

Breakfast Cups

2 cups of bisquick mix (Anne Jisca here: I made this recipe with 100% fresh-ground whole wheat flour, yum!)
1 cup of shredded cheese
1 cup milk
8 eggs
1 tsp of butter
Filling of your choice
I (Kaillie) used:
8oz of crab meat
1 red pepper
1 cup fresh mushrooms
This can be substituted for anything you like with your eggs. Such as bacon and onions, sausage and green peppers, the combinations are endless!

Heat oven to 425F, grease 8 large muffin cups (12 regular). In a bowl, mix bisquick, ½ of the cheese and ½ cup of the milk until a soft dough forms. Shape dough into a ball. Shape in a log. Cut into 8 or 12 pieces depending on what size of muffin cups you are using. Press each piece into muffin cup in the bottom and up the sides.

Bake for 10 minutes, remove from oven. With the back of a spoon; press puffed crust making an indentation (you will fill them with the scrambled egg mixture shortly).

In a bowl mix eggs, remaining milk, salt and pepper until well blended. Add butter to frying pan over medium heat, add egg mixture. Cook until firm but still moist. Remove from heat, and add in the remaining cheese and filling of your choice.

Run knife along edge of muffin cup to remove bisquick from muffin tin. Spoon egg mixture over cooked bisquick, and serve warm!