Can you buy discounted overripe bananas at your local grocery store? We can here. Sometimes in little bunches for $2, and sometimes we can buy a huge box for $5! That’s when I stock my freezer up! 🙂  Usually some of the bananas in there are perfectly fine to still eat, so we eat a lot, and then we freeze lots for banana bread/muffins, and smoothies. We’ve tried different ways of freezing it, but this way is our favourite:

-Peel bananas
-Break them into chunk
-Freeze them in 1-2 layers in a ziploc bag

This way the bags stack really well and save space in the freezer, and the chunks are easy to break apart (not “glued” together) to throw in the blender for a smoothie, or to thaw for banana bread/muffins. 🙂

Here are ways (recipes) I use frozen bananas:

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffins
Chocolate Banana “Ice cream”
Green Smoothies
Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Do you buy discounted bananas? How do you freeze them?

Shared at Kitchen Tip Tuesday!