I have baked many hundreds of loaves of bread in my life! One thing I always hated was trying to accurately guess whether or not the bread was fully cooked. It’s very disappointing to cut open a loaf of bread you thought was cooked, but lacked a few minutes of baking! 🙂

One way that I check if the bread is baked is by knocking on the top of the loaf. If it sounds hallow, it’s probably cooked enough.

BUT, there is a way to make sure the bread truly is baked long enough! By taking the internal temperature of the bread. If the internal temperature is 170C or higher, then yes, the bread is baked enough. It’s such an easy way to know for sure! It does leave a little poke hole in the middle of the bread, but that is small and certainly doesn’t affect the taste of the bread. 🙂

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