Interested in guest blogging? Saturday, May 5 2012 

You may have noticed a few less posts from me lately… do not be discouraged, I am not running out of recipes! 😉  However, I am running out of time these days. My family and I are preparing to go to Malawi (Africa) as missionaries. You can read about it here. It’ll be a few months yet before we go, but we have a lot of preparation to do in the next few months. We just returned from 18 days on the road. In June-July, we will be on the road for another few weeks, as well as doing cross-cultural missions training.

So, that brings me to a request from you! Would some of you like to be a guest blogger on here? 🙂  It’s pretty simple: submit a picture or two of your food, the ingredients, directions, and a little bit about the dish and why you like it. You can also include a short paragraph about yourself and a link back to your own blog! See? Easy! 🙂

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger here this summer while I’m on the road, please contact me at annejisca at and we can discuss it some more! Or simply send along your recipe and picture(s)!

My husband graduated with his Master’s in theology in April! Proud of his achievement!

Guest post: Graduating Debt-Free! Tuesday, Jan 31 2012 

In case you’re interested, I wrote a guest post over at Money Saving Mom today, titled “Graduating Debt-Free!” Just a few ways my husband and I found to help us pay off our student loan so that he can graduate debt-free this coming April.

Whether you can graduate debt-free or not, the important thing is to strive to graduate with as little debt as possible!

I thank my parents for teaching me good stewardship, and God for blessing us to be able to do this!

Guest posting: Post-Partum Depression Tuesday, Oct 4 2011 

Today, I am guest posting over at Homemaker by Choice. The topic? Ways I have found helpful to deal with mild post-partum depression (PPD). If you are expecting, or a new mother, I encourage you to link over and read the article I wrote.

Thanks for posting it, Amber!

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